BEC800S – “NEW 2022”


Thai Nam Viet Company is about to bring to the market a new product line BEC800S, with a strongly improved formula applied in industry, contaminated with organic sludge industrial water treatment, fiber, starch, and pulp. , seafood processing industry, livestock waste, ponds…with:

    • Bacterial strains were selected from years of testing.
    • Bacterial strains have strong biomass multiplication ability in a wide pH range of 5.5 – 9.5.
    • Bacterial strains are able to tolerate a wide temperature range from 50° – 80°C.
    • Bacterial strains are able to work at a depth of 4-6m, in a facultative anaerobic environment.
  • Vigorously growing bacterial strains form beneficial bacterial populations in the environment.
  • Bacterial strains have the ability to inhibit pathogens and harmful bacteria through competition for habitat and nutrients.
  • Different strains of bacteria produce different and powerful enzymes to thoroughly decompose organic matter.
  • Microbial strains are capable of producing antimicrobial substances that support a healthy environment.

With superior properties, bacterial strains have the ability to strongly inhibit Vibrio spp and control algae activity in different types of aquatic environments with superior “tea color”.

BEC800S will be officially distributed in 2020.